Thanks for your replies

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Hi Lorri and Audrey: Thank you both for your replies. I was beginning to think I was all alone with this type of cancer.
Sorry I didn't respond sooner, I am in the
process of moving (out of a very noisy apartment) into a senior mobile home park.
Audrey I have not heard about the connection with HPV but have heard that anal cancer is becoming more common, particularly in the gay community.
I am scheduled to see my surgeon for a "procto" on May 13th and will see the oncologist in July. I live in a small community in the foothills of the Sierras (near Sacramento) and the onclogist was coming here once a week. Now he has left the area, so I have over an hour trip to see him!!!!
I exercise with a senior group twice a week, and always mean to expand that time with video, but I never seem to have the energy to do that.
Two weeks after I was diagnosed my husband of 49 years suddenly passed away. My daughter and her husband live nearby, thank goodness. Otherwise I have no other family in this part of the country.
I wish you both luck and POSITIVE ATTITUDES!
By the way, I beat Ovarian cancer over 20 years ago.
Please stay in touch.