running away

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I dont wanna write to many emails to everyone but i feel that i need help. Things feel like they have changed so much. Most of the changes i dont even want to deal with. No one understands what im going through. If anyone has the time to listen im willing to talk


  • rick5
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    Hi. I am here, to listen and/or talk anytime, email me at, thank you.
  • kepez
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    I'm here please e-mail me back
    Hello My name is Kepez and this is the first time I visit this website. I just want to do something to help I can listen and I can give you hope.
    This may help: "And no resident will say 'I am sick.' The people that are dwelling in the land will be those pardoned for their error." thnk you for your time please e-mail back if you have any questions or need to talk
  • nutt
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    Everyone does understand. They just don't want to confront their fears as we now have to and OVERCOME them.
    Tell me more about your situtation. Possibly we can help each other. Things have changed and will continue. It seems that how I handle them is the real issue.
    Joe Nutter
  • leecat
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    I may have time to listen. What kind of cancer did you have? I had mine 11 years ago.
    It was tongue cancer and I wanted to run a
    way then. But I'm glad I didn't,have a hole
    new life and two neice's that I enjoy very
    much. Hope things get better for you.