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My husband has lung cancer and the only thing that they can give him is the chemo-treatments because when we relized that there was a problem he had already started to lose the weight and the appetite to eat.He has a large mass on his left buttocks and they are hoping to shrink it with the treatments but that hasn't happen yet. The treatments don't make him sick but they do keep him from wanting to eat and makes him very tried. He is only 42 years old and he looks like his older because of the weight he continues to lose they are not talking about using a feeding tube to help him.


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    My dad was diagnosed stage 3b NSC lung cancer in Nov. He had chemo and radiation. He too has lost a LOT of weight. They put him on a medication which is helping him w/ his appetite. I am not sure what the name of this med is but let me know if you need it and I can ask my mom. He also was having severe diahrea. For 6 days, he couldn't eat because everything shot straight through him.
    So he is now on another med which has helped him w/ that now and he is now eatting. So there are meds that can help w/ this. Let me know if you need names for these meds.
    Take care and hang in there. I understand your nervousness. We are going through this very thing right now and my nerves are about shot.
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    Ask the doctor what methods they could advise to help your husband to eat. If they cannot advise you of any then I would tell them that you want him on a feeding tube so that he can at least have some nutrients placed into his body. You are his wife and believe me doctors are not the last word. You have the right and the ability to make the doctors do things that they pass off as being too much to deal with. Also try to get your husband to drink a protein shake. I (while taking chemo) drank a protein shake consisting of 1 egg, chocolate ice cream, ensure and protein powder. Let me know what the outcome is.