Hodgkin's Survivor

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Hi Trisha,

Don't you EVER give up!!! I hd Hodgkin's in 1993 (stage 3A), and again in 1994 (stage 5B). In November of 1994, I had an autologous BMT. High dose chemo for two days, and then lay in a bed for three weeks in isolation. Couldn't see my kids because they had colds. I never gave up. Three months after my transplant my doc noticed a lump in my left armpit. He thought I was sick again. That Saturday, a friend gave me the book "Sharks Don't Get Cancer". Two days later I started taking 2250mg of shark cartlidge every day. During my next check-up, my doctor told me that what he thought was a lump might have been scar tissue from my lumpectomy. I told him about the shark cartlidge. He told me it was a wate of my money. I told him it was my money to spend and I was going to continue with it.

That was 7 years ago, and I'm still here.

Good Luck!