abnormal thyroid needle biopsy--what next?

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Hi everyone. Im Andrea and Im 24. I had a needle biopsy of my thyroid gland area done a couple of weeks ago that proved to show some abnormalities. I say thyroid gland area because I have had benign lumps in the past ('95) and ('2001). I lost the first half of my thyroid in '95 and the second last year. These biopsies werent abnormal to my knowledge. Anyway, I am currently going through the four weeks of sans synthroid so I can have a scan for doctors to determine how much tissue has been effective. To compound things I have received an abnormal result of a sestamebie scan of the breast. Also I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (dysgerminoma) in 1986 and then had a rediagnosis in 1992. I was 9 and 15 at those times respectively. This Nov is ten years since diagnosis and it is going to be difficult for me to face anything as i have had 15 surgeries and lost a kidney, an ovary, my thyroid, etc. I feel alone and I need some help and info from survivors of however long you have been one. I dont check this often so please email at [email protected] I thank you so much.