I need someone to talk to--positive sestamebie scan today

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Hi. I'm Andrea. Just yesterday I was watching Lifetime tv about the Yme hotline. I knew that something had came up in my recent sestamebie scan that wasnt normal but I had went through 4 breast biopsies from the ages of 12 through 19 that had all proved to be fibroabnomas. I never dreamed that the doctor would today tell me that I had a positive scan. For once, the word positive wasnt a good thing. The doctor covered his bases and said I needed more testing due to the fact that I had so many lumps that were fibroabnomas but he also said this one is different and I am completely terrified.

Also I have an abnormal lump in the area of where I once had my thyroid gland. This all seems too much. Compounding it is the fact that I am about to face my 17th year since diagnosis of childhood ovarian cancer--dysgerminoma to be exact. I relapsed in 1992 so it is almost my 10th year since relapse. What a way to mark it--a possible new diagnosis of cancer and maybe even two.

I need to hear from breast cancer survivors. As I mentioned before, I have had four biopsies prove to be normal. But, before I knew this I did research. The research I have done has shown to me as horrible as breast cancer can be without actually having experienced it myself. I am afraid that I have acquainted breast cancer with a death sentence. Any survivors of however long can be an encouragement.

I've already had 15 surgeries for benign abnormalities plus the two for malignancies. I am 24 years old but not ignorant to the ways of cancer. I know Im not immune and as timne goes on, if this proves to be a malignancy of the breast I know that I will need help.

I am brave enough to list my email in hope that someone who has faced breast cancer will reply. No, I haven't heard the exact words "breast cancer" but I have heard "positive" result and I have no one to talk with me who knows what I may have to go through, or the fear of what I may face soon.

I pray that someone replies to this. I will even include email as I do not check this often. If you are a breast cancer survivor, please help me by responding. It is [email protected] and I check the box every day that is absolutely possible. I appreciate this more than I can say in words.


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    hi andrea i am a survior of ovarian come this nov. it will be 6 years. i was diagnose with breast cancer feb27 and had a double masctomy march28 and undergoing reconstution now. I also have the brca 1 gene. i would like to chat when ever it is possible right now i an not working so i am home. i try to check my messages at least once a day. hopefully i will talk to you soon
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    Dear Andrea, My name is Kathy and I am probably your mom age but we still have something in common. you have not heard those words yet so we will just hope that you won't. I will email you at your hotmail address. Sincerely, Kathy B
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    andrea i am becky i face my breast cancer 11 years ago and it does not mean like you say its death sentence, know in this days cancer does not mean death. it means fight fight and its very normal to be very very scared. i was very scared but i think i had a family to think and my life is very precious and started to fight with all i could and my family help a lot. here i am 11 years after and giving thanks for a new day. i hope you can understand what i tried to tell you. do not thank negetive only positive ok. sorry for my spelling.
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    Hi Andrea, I am a 2 year breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed at 35, had an 8 yr old daughter and 2 yr old son. If you want to talk or chat. My email is [email protected]. Or I chat in yahoo, my nic is [email protected].
    Looking forward to talking with you.
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    hi i just got on this site for the first time today. i am a breast cancer patient/survivor, i say it that way because i am still being treated even though right now i seem at a stand still.. i was diagnosed in 98 took chemo had major surgery without reconstuction went on tamoxifin. seemed ok for 3 years then it returned in my medial steinum lyphnodes and hip.. i had radiation and more chemo and i'm still here over a year later and doing pretty well. friends and family can support you, but it does help to talk to someone who's walked in your shoes.. i have a chemo buddy...as we call each other we went through it together in 98.. her's never returned. just a few weeks ago i lost my mother to lung cancer.. that was harder than any treatments i have faced. it has devestated our family. but we are survivors and you can be too... hope to hear from you
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    Hi Andrea, I had breast cancer when I was 29. I had a radical masctomy with 14 mos of chemotherapy. I am 52 years old now with 2 grandchildren! Cancer free for 23 years. I got it when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter and it was in 10 of 12 lympnodes.
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    Hi andrea my name is Lou Ann. I sent you an e-mail that I hope you receive. I have dealt with cancer since 99 and I am still going. Have faith.