Starburst candy and Chocolate Milk

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I have often wondered if I was the only patient or survivor that was ever given a glass of chocolate milk over crushed ice with Starburst candy to help settle an upset stomach. I started treatment when I was 12 and I am now 24 and have been in remission for 10 years and am in shock that is has been that long. I hope to meet others on here for friendship and funny stories about personal experiences.


  • sparcky
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    When I was sick in the hospital I wanted a
    Peanut butter and bannana sandwih. The nurse had to go between two hospitals to get one. When she finally came back I said I didnot want it. I just wanted to see what it looked like. The nurse turned to my mother and said if that kid wasnt so sick I would ram it down his throught. Welcome to the site.
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    I was diagnosed whe I was 12 with leukemia and although I didn't have chocolate milk and starburst to settle my toach , I used to take my pills in applesaue and chase it down with some V8. I am 21 and Ihave been i remission since '94. I'd love to chat with you and email back and forth if you want.
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    Well I remember a time in hospital at age 11 before an ultrasound scan....the nurse wanted me to drink a few litres of water for the test. I didn't really like the blandness if water (still don't even as a supposedly mature adult of 29). I suggested chocolate milk. She scoffed at me and said no one can drink that much chocolate milk in a half hour -- I sure showed her.

    I also remember a fully stocked refridgerator outside my room with a never-ending supply of popsicles...It's amazing what grown-ups will let you get away with when you're skin and bones and sickly!!
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    Hi :) I can recall choking down my pill regiment with "ocean spray" concentrate jelly. As well, occasionally, my mother would water down my really horrid liquid meds with orange juice. However, hands down my favorite was swallowing as many pills as my three year-old tummy could take and then eating table-spoons of honey (to help them slide down the pallet of course). Sadly, Starburst and chocolate milk were not a mix I recieved. thankx for the flashbacks, sorcharose
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    I used to suck on Atomic Fireballs while getting my treatments, not so much to settle my stomach, but to get the chemically taste out of my mouth. I can't go near them today -- they make me sick to my stomach just thinking of them. I also used to eat popsiciles like mad to settle my stomach after a treatment.