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My friend is ready to have her spacer replaced with an implant. She had researched and had decided on the saline implant, but yesterday her Dr. said he would rather her go with silicone. Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks, Mary


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    Hi Maryh,
    I am a B cup and went with the Silicone implants. I am very happy with my decision. I spoke to several doctors before making my decision and read every study I could get my hands on. I have a friend who was a D cup, went down to a C cup and decided on Saline. Her "breasts" are a sloshy mess. She is extremely disappointed. Once your friend is comfortable with the risks assosiated with Saline vs. Silicone, she needs to decide based on her size. If she is anything bigger than a B cup, she may want to consider the silicone. Having had saline expanders then silicone implants, I would take the silicone any day over the saline. plus, my husband likes the silicone better too - more fun the play with :)
    Good Luck.
    Let me know if you have any more questions!