problems with reconstruction

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Hi this is tired and lonely. I need to know something. I had recon. in 1998. They took the flap out of my back. They also put in an implant. Since then I have been having bad cramping under my arm and in my chest. Also the implant has busted and there is nothing left but the shell. My doctors can't figure this out and have never heard of this happening before. Anyone else with this type of problem Judy


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    Hi, dear sister, I have had any of your problems but my heart couldn't take the tired and lonely. You are in my prayers and in my arms and remember, some of these gals have had 1, 2 or more attempts before success with reconstruction. When you feel better, go somewhere else and try another shot. You will be just fine, Hugs & Kisses, Shirlann
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    Dear Judy,
    Hang in there! As long as you log into this site, you never have to be lonely. We are all here for you 7x24! After my reconstruction, I had alot of pain and tightness. I turned to a friend who is an OT specializing in myofascial release. After just one treatment, I was a new person. The technique works on the tissue connecting the muscle to the bone. As for the implant, the manufacturer should have given you a lifetime replacement warrenty. You should be able to get it replaced and covered by insurance since your a breast cancer patient. Call another doctor today, if your current doctor isn't helping you! keep us posted! good luck.
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    I am sorry your reconstruction didn't turn out the way one hopes. I have learned to think of myself as special because they don't know what goes on with me either. I can't think of another word that fits the bill. The definitions of special are 1.distinctive or unique 2. exceptional; unusual 3. highly valued 4.of or for a particular purpose, etc. 5. not general; specific -n. a special person or thing
    Maybe one can see this as a good thing and know that the doctors are looking into you because of your special statis.
    Judy I hope that your reconstruction will now be your friend and you finally have the breasts that you have hoped for. It truly can't get any worse so it is up from here on it my dear. Hang in there.
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    Hi! This is Maggie. I had the same recon. surgery in Aug. 1999. I too, have had some sharp pains under my arm and into my chest. It hurts so bad that I have to stop doing whatever that I am doing and hold my chest. When I put pessure on it, it tends to ease up. I just asked my doctor about this 2 weeks ago, and it looked at me as I was crazy, he said that he would get back with me on that one. I still haven't heard from him. Let me know if you hear anything.