Vincristine side effects

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My 22 month old just started vincristine treatments several very large tumors that are on her face and neck connected to the skin. She has already developed what looks like mouth sores (tumor in mouth hard to see) she also doesn't want to eat much. Any tips from anyone going through this? Thanks


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    hello ! my son at age 4yrs was dx: w/ rhabdomyosarcoma that is also in the head and neck area. my son also had vincristine among four other types of chemo . he also had mouth sores, he was tube fed for the most part for about 11 months, cleaning his mouth I feel was the most challanging. all you can really do is encourage as much as you can even though you understand that it hurts them. after the mouth sores were gone it took many months for my son to est or drink again out of fear that it would cause pain. keep encouraging them and eventually it will pay off, one they try one sip and there is no pain , it will only get easier from there. I am sorry I am unable to help you more ! I understand were you are coming from. if you want to talk my e mail is [email protected] have a good day
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    Hello my name is Christine, I was treated with Vincristin as a child when I was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor. I had very little appetite my Mom made me drink egg nogs in between meals. Hope this helps.