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My mother has been diagnosed with cancer. She is being treated as if she has breast cancer, althought the tumors are in her neck and substernal chest area. Has anyone ever run into this kind of situation, where the origin is not completely clear, but the pt. is treated as if they KNOW the origin?


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    Those areas are very common for breast cancer movement after the underarm nodes. So they must be pretty sure it is really breast cancer.

    I'm sure she will be added to the prayers of many on this site.

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    Yes, if they do pathology and the results come back carcinoma of the breast, they know there is breast cancer. The "primary" may be a tiny pin point, almost impossible to find. This happened to my Dad with lung cancer. They go ahead and treat you, of course, even if they cannot find the primary source of the cancer. God bless you all, Shirlann