Liver, bone and now brain cancer

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My dear mother has the whole thing. (here's a little background information: I live 1200 miles from my mom and the rest of my family) (Oh, she had two years of remission from breast cancer too.) Last Christmas she had a talk with the family about her new diagnosis. At that time she told everybody she had six months to live. She started doing Kimo again. This time her hair did not fall out (but if it did it will grow back). About 3 weeks ago she found out that not only is it in her liver and bones, but now it's in her brain. She went through an extensive radiation treatment along with the kimo. Should find out next week if it's working or not. As for the family, they get to see her all the time. My stepfather is super, he'll do anything for her. Quite an emotional guy. It's hard trying to get information from him, without him starting to cry. I have to rely on my brother and his wife to get the latest scoop. My sister doesn't talk about it much. I on the other hand do talk about it. When I call my mother I discuss her treatments and how she's feeling. By far, the strongest person I've known. My brother is pretty upfront with me too. I guess my message is this...don't give up on your loved ones. Yeah, it's hard to deal with, but just remember your not going throug it alone. More to come...