Good Nausea med. for carboplatin/paclitaxel?

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My Mom will soon start chemo, has anyone had the same chemo and had good results with a particular nausea medecine?


  • davis_7430l
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    my husband uas given promethazine in generic and it worked for him.He has run out of it and now when he eats it doesn't seem to make him sick when he eats of course the chemo has taken away his apetite to eat so he is drinking ensure and other high calorie drink. Did you know that soy milk is really good for them. It comes in vanilla and choc.
  • pancho
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    Hi dlmoore,I don't know if I'm lucky or all doctors prescribe the patient with a nausea med.My first treatment they not only prescribed a med but they gave me some to take home on up to my third treatment,now I don't even need the pescription I don't get nauseated anymore maybee I got used to the chemo,But the doctor should give the med apropiate for her.good luck take care of your mom and god bless all.