Cervical Cancer and Infertility

Hi. I hope you can learn an important lesson from what happened to me. Three months after my second marriage in 1993, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. The oncologist insisted on doing a laporoscopy to make sure I didn't have any other damage that could prohibit me from becoming pregnant. She was also supposed to do another cone biopsy, but didn't after she saw the severe endometriosis, clubed fallopian tubes, and general mess my organs were in. She showed me a photo of everything, and said that a hysterectomy was the best way to go. Unfortunately, at my then-husband's partnership with this particular oncological surgeon, I agreed to the radical hysterectomy and forever gave up the chance to give birth.

After everything was over, all my tests came back negative. There was no cancer in any of the areas that had been so urgently described to me, and during my final visit with the surgeon, I asked her if this was it... meaning, what do I do now. She simply handed me a business card for the adoption agency she had used to adopt her own daughter from.

I took another five years for my marriage to end, and I have to say that my hysterectomy, and my inability to find any support groups for CANCER patients who were now infertile probably contributed to my inability to accept what had happened to me (us).

I didn't have a husband or family who were advocates of getting counceling of any kind, so I hope you will be adamant about getting some. YOU have to take care of YOU first, and to h---- with everyone else.

Good luck!