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Hi everyone,

I apologize for not being on much in the last week. I just can't get back in the swing of things since the last surgery. On Monday, I go for a bone scan. After the bonescan results come in my doctors will decide whether to continue on the current course or if we need to make changes to the protocal. I really do plan to catch up on the postings very soon!

Pam thank you for the note about the morphine pump. I have been VERY reluctant to try it. I don't know why morphine scares me so much. In reality I guess it is because I know that my father didn't have morphine until the night before he died. However, my doctor's have been asking me to try it, and you have given me the courage to do it. Does it make you feel spaced out or sick?

Has anyone heard from Grandma recently? She has really been on my mind.

Now to the point of this message - right after my surgery I read an article in the newspaper about a young woman who was suffering from Parkinson's disease. The article was about her struggles with the disease and it really struck home with me. When I read the main points of her message, I found that she and I have both been on a very similar journey. Her points ran true to me and as I read them to the husband we found that her six main points were the same one that we follow every day. I just wanted to share them from her article as they apply to us all. I also hope that they might help all of the new women who have joined this site in the last few weeks.

Deborah Seltzer - Parkinson's Disease
"Tenacity Wins - The Journey is not over, but what this whole experience has shown me is that:
1. God Truly Answers Prayers
2. There IS ALWAYS Hope
3. You Are NOT Crazy For Having Weird Symptoms
4. Don't Give Up The Fight
5. Keep Educating Yourself
6. Doctor Shopping Is Not A Bad Thing."

I hope that you are all having the beautiful weather that we have. I am making BIG PLANS for my husband to help me with our garden. I already sent him to purchase hanging baskets of flowers and ferns for our front porch. Yesterday, he put up hooks and hung them. He also got geraniums and hibiscus for the steps. It has transformed our porch. Now I am preparing him for my great plans in our vegetable garden. Ever since reading "The Secret Garden" as a child, I have loved to garden. I find such HOPE in watching plants grow. This year I have decided to create a paradise out of our yard with a lot of help). As my husband knows, I am never short on plans.

Love, Prayers and Hugs!



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    Hi Kat,

    So good to hear from you. Thank you for the beautiful message. It is such an inspiration and I know will help those who read it.

    No, I haven't heard from Grandma and have been concerned also. I keep she and her husband in my prayers.

    I live in Virginia, so everything is starting to bloom here also. I love to garden, but this year with the drought, I am being very cautious. It is driving me crazy. We have a well, so I know I can't water, so I'm not planting any new flowers, as they would just die. So, I'm waiting to see if we get any significant rainfall. The waiting is the hardest! I want to be out there digging and planting. Good luck to you. My husband hates gardening, so he doesn't help me. I'm glad your husband helps.

    God Bless,
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    Thanks for your note we have missed you. I was so thankful for using the morphine pump after surgery, otherwise I would of been laying in the fetal position, left to cry. My surgeon even told me he didn't think it hurt much and therefore wouldn't give me anything more than T3's. I thought to my self, what happened to us all being different. They gave me morphine in recovery room before he came in because they knew he wouldn't allow it. My pain was off the scale I couldn't move. That was the best thing I ever did, I was up walking around already moving shoulder and eating within a few hours after surgery. My doctor told me he wasn't impressed and I said I wanted demerol to go home with because once the pump gone T3s did nothing, yet he refused, wouldn't give me anything more than that. If I wanted anything stronger I had to go to my GP, he didn't believe I needed them. I wondered what he would feel like if he lost one of his nuts. Well ladies the next mastectomy I had pills left over from first time and used them and it was allot easier on me the second time. My GP gave me the demerol without a problem, agreeing moving around is better for us. Some women are more sensative than other. Some of us have receptors in our brains that make T3's vertually useless. Some of us don't tolerate anything it seems so don't land in the usual response criteria. Good for you Kat, no reason to suffer, some pain we can tolerate others we can not.
    Women sometimes think they are just suppose to take it, just part of the disease but this isn't true in all cases. I would never have found out I had all these diseases and problems if I hadn't had my pain address a few years ago and once again today. I have taken many odd medicines that have worked and once again hope this one will do the trick. So much out there that can help if you can tolerate them and are open to them. The same can be said for some alternative therapies. If you need it and it works that is all that matters.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Hope your doing better,
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    Hi Kat,
    Thank you so much for sharing that message with us what a blessing.I truly do know that God answers prayer, I go to him daily.I was concerned also about Grandma it has been a while since she posted.
    We live in New York state so not alot growing yet but my husband has rototilled the garden he is getting spring fever.
    Good to hear from you.
    God Bless
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    Hello Kat,
    How wise and kind of you to share that message of hope with us all. They're things we should know but it's always good to remind ourselves.
    Spring seems to be coming slowly but surely to Paris. Lots of trees and flowers in bloom but the weather, although sunny, is still quite cool. Can't wait for the warmer weather to get more plants in the ground. You must live in a pretty warm climate if you can put hibiscus on the front porch.
    I hope you do try the morphone pump and that it takes the pain away.
    Keep up the good fight