Breast cancer and reconstruction

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11 years ago roughly, I had a radical modified matectomy and with being alone and mortgage, car payments, caring for my mother prior to her death etc. was not able to get reconstrction until I retired for good a couple of months ago. Also, I was not satisfied with the reconstructive processes. Was still not too happy about the procedure but scheduled a Tram flap for the middle of February and then ran across the site and started reading the horror stories about the aftermath of this operation. Luckily, on this same site Susan W. was acquainting the ladies with the procedure and the site ( regarding these Doctors and the procedure and I cancelled my Tram flap. Got a friend to go up with me to New Orleans as my own children have so much going with their children and all, had the procedure and I swear to you in all that is holy, I have had NO PAIN. Some pressure yes, naturally, in the hip where they took the skin, fat and the blood vessels (my tummy was not as big as Ithought it was) and pressure in the reconstruction area but nothing anything akin to pain. My younger son (in his late 30s) is going back up with me for the reconstruction of the nipple so we can do some antiquing (shopping) on the way home and then I will fly in and fly out on the day of the tattooing of the nipple unless I can find someone I can trust here in west central Florida.
Don't ask me why more Doctors have not taken this procedure as their main reconstructive process, no time for sabatticals, no money for time lost, no associates to cover their patients, I really do not know. I do know that if they had to go through either of these procedures themselves I am sure they would choose as I chose. Please keep this information for yourselves and for anyone you might run into who may be going to have reconstruction of a breast or breasts. And, unless I read past it, I do not understand why this site does not have information regarding the diep flap. I know they know about it as I received a very nice e-mail from one of the ladies regarding it.