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Had alumpectomy 1/01, followed by 4 round of A/C, then 6 weeks radiation. Stage 1, no lymph involvement. Have had 2 good checkups. Feel great, however breast still feels "sore", right side by ribs easily sore. I work out 3X a week, is this normal, or should I panic and run back to my oncologist to see if this a recurrence of any sort.


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    >>Feel great, however breast still feels "sore",...

    Good description. I had lumpectomy also in January 01 - but had also taxol.

    My breast felt 'not bad' after the four rounds of AC and four of Taxol, but since the radiation, it is 'sore' - surgeon says it is from radiation - did not feel as bad right after radiation as a few weeks later.

    My surgeon said take Motrin and I thought he was brushing me off - but Motrin ( 2 = same as Rx strength) turned out to be better than
    Feldene which worked for my arthritic hands and feet.

    He said radiation was necessary so guess we just endure - and be glad we feel good.

    Perhaps you are overdoing the workouts.Hope I helped.