Stage 4 low-grade non-hodgkin's lymphoma

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I am new at this all my resuls came in last week. I sure would like to hear from someone with the same. I am so scared, I have 2 children and I am on the watch and wait. I go for a bone marrow biopsy tommorow. I go back to the dr. Aug 1st, 2002. Someone out there please help me the do's and don't's on nutrician and anything that has worked for you. I am in Canada. Thank you in advance!


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    Hang in there. I just finished my treatments (7 chemo and 25 radiation) for non-hodkin's lymphoma in my chest. I was stage 2B. I was so scare too. You need to listen to your body during the treatments, do exactly what your oncologist tells you to do, get yourself into a support group and just stay positive. When people offer to help, take them up on it. You will have good days and bad days but just stay focused on your treatment and sleep when you need to. Are you a single parent? do you have help in the home? Feel free to e-mail me on this site.

    Good luck!!! I know how you feel!

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    How are you doing now? Hope things are going well for you.
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    hi there ; my mane is mike and i have had stem cell and bone marrow transplant in 99.i have the emune system of a five year old...please follow your have to give youself 95% and 5%for the rest of the oeople around you....sleep when the body tells you and dont get the guilitys spelling is not good ....if you can get your head together the body will follow.....please feel free to email me at [email protected] with prayers a new friend..