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Does anyone have or know where to find the survivor statistics for NHL? If so please post information. Thanks!


  • marypax
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    Use "Nonhodgkins lymphoma survival rate" as your search. There are a ton of articles, websites, etc out there. Just be careful what you becomes depressing. Don't accept it as an absolute.
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    Hi Mark0342!
    Each year the American Cancer Society publishes a report of Cancer Facts and Figures. The newest one is Cancer Facts and Figures 2002. This publication breaks it down by estimated new cases and estimated new deaths. There is an estimated 53,900 new cases each year and approximately 24,400 deaths (but that is total - NOT exclusively from the new cases). The publication also has it broken down by state. Call your local American Cancer Society office to get a copy.
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    Judging from the date of your post I am sure you have probably read all the statistics on the web. My advice as a survivor is to ignore the statistics completely. They ended up scaring me more, and they aren't always correct. According to the statistics I should be dead in a month. :P Attitude is everything.