Cancer level?

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I recently read someone message about their cancer level. I'm wondering, how can one tell what level they are/were at? With out asking the doctor. This person did a few chemo treatments and more radiation treatment. Is this the way to determan one's level?
I did 16 chemo's (3 bags, 1 injection, every 2 weeks) and 19 radiations.

Also, when is a good time to join live chats? I've yet to find any chats.


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    I believe that the level depends on where the disease is. I am stage IIB. That level II means I have it in the chest and the B is I was sympomatic. I did ask my doctor my staging and she explained to me that above the diaphram is consider stage II. I don't know if I was much help, but I do believe on this web site you might find your answer. As far as chats go, I never see anyone in the chat rooms, but would love to chat with anyone if they wanted. I enjoy sharing stories, it helps!
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    Hi, in response to your question of staging, the best way I have found is to request a copy of all your records from all doctors involved in your diagnosis and treatment. You will find all you questions will be answered. I am a 17 year survivor and I have had to pull my records from my filing cabinet more times that I can remember to enlighten the many new doctors that I have had to encounter. This way the records speak volumns for me and I don't have to appear ignorant because I do not use the medical terminology. I think they appreciate the old records also because through the years, the facts become confused with emotions. I suggest that whenever you find yourself with any serious medical problems always get a copy of those records to build a time line cronology. Because of a supressed immune system, through the years I have suffered many related illnesses. I hope this advice is helpful. Good luck from another survivor.
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    Staging for Hodgkin's
    Hello. This is what I understand. Staging ranges from IA-IVB. The B refers to you having overt symptoms, such as night sweats or rash. I is limited to one node. II means it has spread to nearby nodes. III indicates some local metastis. IV involves extensive metastis. For example, I had the luck of being IVB, which meant I had 80% bone marrow involvement, cancerous nodes from my liver to my chest, metastis of the lungs, vertebrae, and bone. This is what I refer to as the "oh ****" stage. Cure rates are highly dependent on staging, ranging from near 98% for IA to below 50% for IVB. This, of course, depends on your treatment. Better info can be found online. Hope this was helpful