Newly Diagnosed Lung Cancer-Age 59

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Just wondering if anyone out there could relate and share some information


  • towanda
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    Hey there. What kind of lung cancer do you have? What stage? I have small cell, limited stage. Have you done chemo yet? Radiation? Pretty much what I have learned so far is you must keep a positive attitude, absolutely, no doubt about it. Believe that your medical team will not let you down. Believe in the treatments, don't give up, don't give up, and keep smiling. They did not hand you a death sentence. A lot of people don't get the chance to make things right. Some people blink out in a car wreck or by a heart attack. You have been given a gift, believe it or not. You have a good chance of surviving this and to get in touch with your spiritual side. You have the chance to right your wrongs and apologize and do all the things that a lot of people don't ever get the chance to. Please don't be scared. If anything, I've learned to embrace this disease and fight it all the way. I was just diagnosed about a month ago and already they say my tumor has shrunk. Please keep me informed. Sorry I've rambled. God Bless You. Cindy
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    Hi, I have had lung cancer in both of ny lungs, first time in 1987& and second time in 1991. I am a surviver and you can be too.I didn't have to have chemo, so I was lucky. they have such good results now with the different meds they put in the chemo,that good things happen. Are you going to have Surgery? I have 1/2 of my left lung and 1/4 right lung missing but you know what I manage just fine. I exercise every day so I can keep my lungs built up. I was 53 when they found mine, the only symptoms I had was my feet were swelling real bad. the second time they caught it at one of my 6mos check up.
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