5 years today

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My surgery for melanoma was 5 years ago today! While there was no cancer indicated in my sentinel node biopsy, the drs. recommended 4 rounds of chemo as adjuvant therapy because of the depth of the lesion. I did that...it was a rough road but I'm glad now that I took the most aggressive steps available to me. I am grateful to be here--5 years later.


  • I am a melanoma survivor who is currently undergoing Interferon therapy. My melanoma was fingernail based. Amputation of the right middle fingertip was first along with sentinel node biopsy. An axillary lymphectomy was next followed by one month of intravenous Interferon. I am now on self injections of Intron-A (interferon) 3 times a week. Did you go through this therapy? Where was your lesion? Thanks and congratulations!
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    Congratulations Sharon! You are a great survivor role model for us. THANKS!!!
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    Congrats! I just celebrated my 5 today! Clark's 5+, Breslow's >4mm, but there is no stopping me!