Going on 2 Years surviving

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I'm a 17 year old girl, living in a small town in Michigan, I turned 15 on October 24th, 1999 and I expected it to be just another year. That was until November 5th, when I was diagnoised with Stage 2 A, Hodgkins Lymphoma. I was a odd case, my blood counts wern't abnormal, and I didn't FEEL sick. I just had a mass on my chest, and cancer in my lymph nodes in my neck. They acutally did an extra CT scan, because they didn't really believe I had it. I had a biopsy, and a medport put in the first 5 days I was in the hospital. I went through about 9 months of chemotherapy, never becoming nutrapenic, never being placed in the hospital because I was sick over low WBCs, I did HAVE the low WBC, I just didn't get sick from it. I never lost my hair, which was odd. And I guess I just kept surviving. I went through 3 weeks, 5 days a week radiation, because they wanted to make sure the cancer was gone for good. If it wasn't for all of the nurses and doctors at The Children's Hospital of Michigan, I wouldn't have survived, because we were in debt simply because of my hospital bills. The Children's Leukemia foundation payed for all of my x-rays, all of my chemo and radiation and all of my CT scans. Last october was the first year of my remission. I saw a comercial for this, so I figured I'd check it out. Thanks all for being there, and being aware.


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    Hi, I was reading your email and reminded me so much of myself!! I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease stage 2 A almost three years ago June 1999, I was 24. Like you I had no symptoms, no chills, no fevers, I didn't feel sick, my blood count was also normal, but I had a mass in my neck that I felt one day and went to have it check. Furhter cts revealed that I also had a mass in my chest. Through my therapy I never got sick from low wbc either and I kept most of my hair too!! Isn't that a big coincidence? Anyway, I'm glad you're doing fine, I know it's really hard being sick, specially as such a young age, but we are survivors, and we'll keep surviving!!! God bless!!!
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    Hi! I was reading your message, and I would love to feature you in an article for my school newspaper. I'm a staff writer and i'm trying to promote Relay for Life in my school. If you're interested please e-mail me ([email protected]) and put "article" or something along those lines in the subject heading. Thanks so much! I'd love to hear from you!