recovery process

squeaky64 Member Posts: 1
I am curious to see if any of the survivors of lymphoma are or have had problems with energy loss, fatigue, numbness or breathing problems as a result of your chemotherapy treatments. I am a mother of 3, 37 years of age and finished my chemotherapy in the end of November, 2001. I am still having problems with fatigue and energy loss not to mention lack of sleep. Does anyone out there have any suggestions or have these same problems?


  • ricejf1
    ricejf1 Member Posts: 6
    It took me almost a year to feel back to normal, I had a lot of problems with fatigue and ran out of energy fast. My chemo
    threw me into a pre-menopausal kind of thing,
    and that really affected my sleep.
  • amyk
    amyk Member Posts: 3
    It took my husband a good year to feel back to normal as far as energy. He's 5 1/2 years in remission now and is "back to normal."