can somebody call my girlfriend tonight?

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we expect her biop. results tomorrow or tues. and she's very scared as i am. we are pretty sure she's at an advanced stage. i'm trying to help by having a survivor talk to her tonight. if you dont mind leaving your phone#. she doesn't have a computer or i would tell her of this site. thank you all for increasing the potential for this site to be helpful. ej


  • shirlann
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    I am sorry, I didn't see this request, am I stupid or what? Sure, she can call me at 619 399-1044. No problem. Shirlann
  • sueholm
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    ej...I am not sure where you are. ie your time zone. I am in british columbia Canada, and my phone number at home is 250 378 4187. Your girlfriend is welcome to call me if she would like. You are right to be very concerned, and I also hope you will see about the lump on the roof of your mouth. I have a lot of difficulty at this site, the posts take a millenium to load, so I am more at now, where there is a great chat room. I am usually there in the evenings around 7pm Pacific time if you care to drop in and have a chat. Regards...Susan