Good book on diet for cancer patients?

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I'll be going thru chemo soon; worried abt diet and food. Does anyone know a good book abt what to eat during chemo, or more generally, a book abt appropriate diet for cancer? Thanks.


  • laverne
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    the american cancer society has a booklet that addresses nutritional issues for chemo patients, contact your local chapter and they should be able to send you the booklet for free or ask your oncologist some of the offices have a resource center will all kinds of helpful booklets. I got mine from my oncologist's office. take care and good luck--chemo for me was better than radiation so hopefully you will not have too rough of a time. The one bit of advice I can offer is if your oncologist gives you anti-nausea pills take them as they prescribe because once the nausea starts the pills do not help relieve the nausea.
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