I'm 27 with Small Cell lung cancer.

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O.k. I am no longer scared. I went through that already. People have been wonderful and caring and have come out of the woodwork for me. I never knew how truly loved I was. I am having a problem though. I don't think I am taking this as serious as I should. I did Chemo and the most I can say about that is that I have had worse hang overs. I am doing the radiation and besides a swollen throat, I'm not really that sick. Are the treatments working on me? Shouldn't I be coughing up blood or something? I'm looking at this like it's just a bad cold. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Am I in denial. I don't like learning about the disease because that just depresses the **** out of me. I am in limited stage by the way with lymph involvement. Should I be having this laizzes-faire attitude toward this or should I be searching high and low for answers and clinical trials and paying thousands of dollars on all these "miracle" herbs they have out there? Or should I trust in my medical team and hold strong in my belief that all this is just going to go away soon? Am I setting myself up for dissapointment? I want to go to junior high's and talk to kids about smoking but that would involve finding out info on my disease and I just can't face it. I have a little girl. I just got away from the father and have no insurance. My dad just died in November from lung cancer(I didn't know at the time that I too had it.) And left me a little inheritance. I've been trying to get rid of it so I can apply for medicaid but I'm afraid I've been caught. I put some in a trust for Maggie but what should I do with the rest? Buy a plot and marker or pay for all this ****? I'm very bitter still sometimes. Irony is all over me. Any thoughts?


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    Please read my answer to New 2 group, mom has NSCLC stage 3 what next. dlmore. I hope this will help you.
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    Do not be afraid if you are doing so well with the treatments. I had 12 chemos and 48 readiations. I had the same fears you did - I just did not get any of the side effects - maybe a little fatigue once in a while and a very small lump in the throat
    I had the final first check up and everything was just fine - I am in remission now. So feel blessed you did not have the side effects - that is a good sign
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    Your doing just fine. Don't worry about it approach is better then being scared. You will survive you have a child to think about. Just believe in your doctor's if you do not find ones you do. I have small cell and by the second ct scan i was cancer free. I am still finishing up the treatments and also doing radation. Just make sure you get head mri and ct scans of rest of body every 3 months or at least every 6. My father also died of lung cancer. So could be why we have it at much younger age along with i smoked for 29 years. Don't buy your plot spend your money on whatever you like put some in reserve in someone elses name that you can trust. If I were you would be no harm in finding out about your cancer so you can help others such as high school kids. I think that is great idea, you have nothing to be afraid of in finding out about your cancer. Hang in there your too young too die and your too strong willed to allow it. I refuse to allow it to invade my life. I think I take on an attitude sometimes like yours, I still do things I want too do when I am up too doing them. I make sure I do something every day no matter how tired I am. It does not matter what you do just do it anyway. Get up Get Moving and staying positive is the best thing you can do. Stay in good health, eat even if you do not like the taste or want it. Eat anyway your body needs that to help build you back up. Here is my email address you can contact me anytime, I am old enough to be your mom but hey I like your attitude. junebugin2000@netscape.net