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I am looking for someone to discuss with what they have run into in getting coverage for the long haul. I was diagnosied in Sept. and have not worked since surgery in October. My employers insurance carrier is hinting that they will reject my long term disability claim due to insurability date and pre-exsistent condition. All the paper work is driving me crazy. Any ideas or thoughts.
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    Recently,an attorney friend of mine who is aware of my cancer asked me if I had applied for SS Disability. I said no but he encourage me to apply. SSD is his speciality. I will probably be meeting with him next week. I looked at the SSD website. Disability is defined as being unable to perform your normal work duties for at least one year. Payments start after 5 months of disability. This June will be one year since I have been able to work. You can write me off line at ltf@fitzwebdesigns.com if you want more info. Larry