I'm on arimidex now (replacing tamoxifen)

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I had very nasty mood swings and yeast infections with tamoxifen and complained to my doctor until he took me off of it! I only took it for about 6 weeks but had to wait at least a month before I could start on arimidex. I've been on arimidex since Jan. 4, and the only problem I've had was the
headaches that started the 4th day and then got very bad after a couple of weeks. My oncology nurse helped me search for relief, which turned out to be Midol PMS formula. (I hardly ever get headaches, and when I do Tylonol is what has always worked for me. This time it did NOT help.) Fortunately, the headaches went away completely after about 3 weeks. One thing to note about arimidex vs. tamoxifen is that tamoxifen builds bone density, whereas arimidex zaps your bones. For that reason, I'm also taking Fosamax. No apparent side effects from that.
I have been very fortunate and had very little to complain about during my treatments, and my doctor says my excellent general health certainly helps there. I am 60 years old and have been a walker for years. I walk 4 miles every morning, sometimes more than that. My test results said my bone density is normal, and the doctor said that's remarkable because: I'm postmenopausal, never took HRT, never took calcium, did have chemo treatments which ended July 26, 2001. Doctor credits all my walking! I tell my friends this to encourage them to continue (or start!) walking, for their heart health AND bone health!!! (I'm sure genes figure in there too...)
I visit this site every once in a while, but have never participated before. I saw some conversation -- last Dec I think -- about arimidex and decided I could contribute my experience. I'm very happy with it and consider myself fortunate that my doctor is so responsive to my complaints AND I'm fortunate that arimidex is available now!
Sorry if I've rambled on. I enjoy reading discussions here and can feel the love and caring. Bless you all.


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    Dear Caroline:
    I appreciate the update on Arimidex. I know it helped my aunt alot. I have never heard that about the bones though. I guess that would eliminate me from taking it cause of my bone mets. It was nice hearing from you. God bless you. Brenda