After chemo

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Almost two years ca free. Unsure what to do at this point. Anyone has suggestions.


  • jeancmici
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    REJOICE !!
    but continue to check for possible lumps etc., be aware of any unexplained pain which does not go away etc.

    Enjoy every day. I'm happy for you.
  • sbruney
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    Good for you! Now is the time to reach out and help others who are just beginning the journey. Love and hugs, Sandy
  • pamtriggs
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    So happy for you. Just get on with your life but watch out as Jean says. I was 19 years CA free & it was wonderful. Mention it to anyone who is interested as anyone who has a fear can learn from you. Help others out there who are not yet free. Enjoy your new lease on life & keep in touch.
    Love & hugs