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I learned on March 1 that the large lump I felt in my right breast is, in fact, cancer. The mammogram found another small lump. I'm starting chemo (AC) tomorrow. After four treatments will be surgery then four more treatments (Taxol). My mom is going through geneic counseling to find out if we have the mutated gene (she was diagnosed a month ago). Anyone out there going through chemo BEFORE surgery? Haven't heard too many people mention this.


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    Hi Sbrot:

    Glad that you've found this site!

    I haven't heard of very many women having the chemo before surgery and in most cases it is used to try to shrink the tumor before the surgery. I have read some articles about it though and came away with the feeling that it's somewhat controversial as to how helpful it proves to be.

    It may be worth the time to read the info about it on the website of the National Cancer Institute. May help you to decide how you prefer to proceed. Go to:

    Hope it can answer some of your questions and perhaps give you some points to discuss with your doctor.

    Good luck and please keep us posted on how you're doing.

    Love, light and laughter,
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