Grammy: Thanks alot... a couple other questions

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Thank you Grammy for writing back to me. This is an awesome tool for us information seekers. I let my parents read some articles about having a positive attitude and it's effects on the ability to heal yourself. I tried to assure them that the chemo my Mom might have will not make her life a living hell and cause constant unbearable pain. It will have it's rough times but for the most part the doctors have medications for some of the rougher symptoms right? I had very bad nausea after every one of my 12 cycles of chemo, but they will be different kinds for my mom, and it depends how an individual reacts to the specific drug right?
Can you tell me what drugs you have tried?
I think it's great that you are two years out, I'm sure the effort you have had to put forth was worth the gain of being with loved ones for that much longer and worth the continued hope that you can beat this.
I could write all night, but I'll ask some
other of my questions in a shorter message
right after this one. You are welcome to respond to either or both.
Thanks again.


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    Hi Darren. I'm a 58 year old grammy who was dxd at 56. I was given 12 taxol (155MG) and carboplatin (225MG) in an attempt to shrink the tumor, which it did only slightly. I had lower right lobe resected followed up by 6 more carbo, taxol infusions. I then had 36 radiation treatments to lung. Unfortunately I had lymph node involvement which I knew would show up again, somewhere, sometime. I have just had a brain mets removed 3-1-02 and will be doing 20 whole brain radiation treatments starting tomorrow. I feel good and I'm not giving up yet. I have had 2 good years from dxd and I expect to have a few more. When I was doing chemo they give you benadryl, dexamethasone and zantac which worked really well for me. I was never sick but I know everyone is different. My only problem was fatigue which sort of increased as treatment went along but it never got to the point where I needed medication fot it. I am not a religous person but I am thinking only good thoughts for you and your Mom.