Can't lay flat for MRI! HELP

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I went in for a brain,neck MRI and only made it through the brain (30 min). I have lung cancer and cannot lay flat. Pain is not so bad at first but after about 15 min, oh my gosh! They won't let me take a sit up break either. They are doing a chest MRI tomorrow and that can take up to an hour! What do I do? I'm scared sh**less as it is. I am 27 and they are fairly certain it Small cell carcinoma but the biopsy is still being evaluated. I never thought of myself as a wimp but I just couldn't take the pain and the confinement sucked as well. I have a 1\2 cm pulmonary nodule as well as a 2.5 cm tumor in my left lung that has mestastised into a lymph node on my neck. Most likely inoperable. Am very scared. I am trying to cope and put faith in God but I have never been a very religious person and don't know if I even deserve to be saved. Don't know how to pray without sounding so selfish. I wish I could just go somewhere else and pretend to just not have this disease. Please, I know I sound pathetic, but i do have my strong days as well. This, however, is not one of them. Thanks for listening and God Bless and be with us all.


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    Make sure they provide you with pillow type device to put under your knees. Also can use a piece of cloth with knots in the ends referred to as a dog bone they can lay across you to hold onto. Both are really helpful. The pillow under the knees really takes the pressure off your back. Good luck. You are not pathetic and you have every right to be scared, this is a scary time but you will be okay.
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    hi have small cel and they let me lay on my side
    ask them demand that they do it on the side
    i had the same problem have been sleeping in a chair for 3 months now bot am starting to sleep on my side now after 5 rad and 3 kemo
    rounds well all the best to you mack