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I'm lucky--it's DCIS, spot is about 2cm. Lumpectomy, sentinel nodes, radiation and maybe Tamoxifin (it's suspicious DCIS).

Reading the entries, radiation doesn't sound like a picnic for me. I'm very fair and sunburn water blister very easily. Uh oh for me. Does anyone know anything about radioactive seeds where the treatment goes on inside at the former site of the tumor?

The doctor also said, because it was suspicious, adenosis and radial scar-like changes, if they find anything in the removed lump or sentinel nodes, I may have to look at a mastectomy.

Please, if anyone has any questions that they think I should be asking my doctor, please let me know. I'm feeling very naive right now when I want to be informed and prepared when I talk with her next.



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    Hi there, wish I could help, but am new at this also. there are a lot of med . sites on the net. has a lot of info.
    I was dx. and had a breast removed in Jan. this year. and am going to have second chemo treatment Thurs.I got really sick and was going to give up, but all these lovely ladies and my Dr. talked me into kicking this cancer in the butt, and save my life, so thats what I am going to do.
    Whatever you do, PRAY and I'll pray for you.
    Hang in there and ask the DR.whatever comes to mind, but mine, well he answered them before I got to ask.
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    Hi! I,too, had DCIS. I had a lumpectomy first but the margins weren't clear so, instead of hoping the radiation would get all the cells, I opted for a mastectomy and immed. reconstruction. Because I had the mastectomy, I didn't need the radiation. I'm very happy with my decision and ,if necessary, would do the same thing!There are many websites to read up on this., , to name a few.The most important thing is to trust your doctor and to make the best decision for you. You have to feel comfortable with the outcome! Feel free to e-mail me here or at [email protected]. Keep in touch! HUGS!! Cathy