Just told I have cancer

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I was told Monday pm that I have breast cancer but not what. Have appointment tomorrow at 5 pm. Someone please e-mail me at [email protected]. I don't know what I'm facing and am not sure about my doctor.


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    You need to ask a lot of questions - then compare your doctor's answers to what some of ours have said. It is hard to know what questions to ask. You didn't say anything about a biopsy. You need to know what type of cancer it is. If it is estrogen positive; or her2neu. How large the tumor is; what procedures is recommended; side effects. My personal judgemnt is how quick the doctor is to pronounce survival time. Any doctor worth having will never be a doom and gloom type. If they are, it is a sign they have become hardened to people's fears and just don't care enough any longer. I would fear this type of doctor would not be trustworthy in fighting the cancer with all he can. Please post your findings so we might be of more help.
    Hugs and prayers, Brenda
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    Hi, I was told a mere 11 days agos that I had breast cancer. It was picked up on a mammogram and after a 2nd mammogram I was recommended to have a biopsy - which came back showing cancer - DCIS - I knew nothing about breast cancer, but through the internet, books, and talking with others I have learned a lot. What is really difficult is that there are so many decisions to make and I need the information to do that. The other thing that I have learned is that the specialists (doctors) are all different, I have a surgeon, an oncologist and my family practice doc. They all come from a different angle, which is good but i have to know enough to put it all together and make a decision. The best book I have is Dr. Susan Love's Breast book. I ordered it at barnes&noble.com and got it in a matter of days. Take care of yourself and let us know how you are and most of all remember to breathe, long slow relaxing breaths.
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    Hi there...I can hear the panic in your voice! but please don't. Its a real shocker to find out that you have breast cancer, but you will discover that it is no longer a death sentence, that there are all sorts of types and degrees of breast cancer, that there is plenty of time to get second opinions if you are not sure of docs, that there is a wealth of information on the net, that there are hundreds of women who will help u along and answer your questions. So just go to your appointments, ask questions until you fully understand, ask for copies of all your reports, path reports, blood tests, doc visits, talk to us here (and to others in a great chat room at www.cancersurvivor.com) and soon you will feel much more in control of things. I was diagnosed about 18 months ago now, have had a mastectomy, chemo and radiation, and am as fit as a fiddle, so hopefully that is some consolation to you at this fearful time. Love Susan
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    You need to get informed fast & you need to ask your doctor questions. Write down your questions & go through them one by one. If you are not happy with the answer don't accept evasion. Press him/her for an answer. You need to ask.
    1. What sort of cancer is it. Ductal C in situ or Lobular cancer.
    2. Is it invasive.
    3. How far has it invaded.
    4. Are there any nodes involved. If he does not know how does he propose to find out.
    5. What treatment regime is he proposing & why that particular type.
    6. What tests does he propose doing. You need tests for Estrogen positivity, Her2/neu positivity and you need tumor marker tests done which will indicate metastatic disease.

    Take someone with you to the appointment who will keep you positive & keep you on track with your doctor. Most of all try not to worry too much. What's the point when you don't know yet what you are facing. Remember most initial diagnoses are eminently treatable and survival rate is good. I lasted 21 years from first Dx & still fighting on so don't fear an immediate death sentence. Post again& let us know how you get on. Love & hugs.