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The Dr office left me a message that I had a fibroid on my uterus and a cyst on my right ovary and there wasn't anything we could do about that. Well... the fibroid I was aware of but ovarian cysts are not common after menapause so I don't like that answer at all. I put in a call to the Dr saying just that ... and reminding her of my high risk for ovarian cancer. This is just my GP not the Oncologist. Should I pursue more tests of the cycst or should I except that it's okay. Has anyone had a cyst after "chemical (chemo) menapause"? Thanks for listening. Jamie


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    Hi Jamie! I think if I were told I had a cyst on my ovarie from a GP I would go see my Gynocologist. That's their speciality. I think I would want to pursue it a bit beyond There's nothing to do. If the GYN agrees, then I would be a bit more comfortable but would keep a close watch on it. Good luck! Keep us informed about your decision and the end result! HUGS!! Cathy
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    Jjamie, get a second opinion. It may be nothing to worry about, but you will worry until you know for sure. I'd sure check with your oncologist. Sandy
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    If you have any concerns, get it biopsied. Better to live with "gee you guys were right all along" than "wonder if is cancer". You are the customer (patient) - do what you want...... Debw
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    Please pursue it. It may be nothing, but it is better to know for sure. I had a great gynocologist who pursued my case and found that I had mets.

    Love, hugs and prayers,

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    My mom is post menopausal (for atleast 15 yrs.) and has had 2 cysts removed. The first one was about 4 yrs. ago and the most recent was 1 1/2 yrs ago.It might be uncommon, but it can happen.