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I am a 22 year old Hodgkin's survivor who just finished my last chemo treatment of ABVD January 11, 2002. I was a Stage II with a mediastinal mass. Every doctor has suggested radiation, but one did not. I opted to go with not having radiation. Is there anyone out there who has had chemo only?


  • tamis
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    I had both chemo and radiation for ABVD treatment. I was just wondering why one doctor would not recommend it? Have your scans shown the cancer is gone? I wish you the best!
  • dpomroy
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    I was a stage IIB with a mediastinal mass. I had 16 ABVD chemo treatments followed by almost 5 weeks of radiation.

    The radiation was physically the easier of the 2 treatments for me.
  • jakesmom0618
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    hi. i was diagnosed with HD in December of 1999. I had four cycles of ABVD and four cycles of COPP. I have been out of treatment for almost two years now. No radiation...they were afraid it would do too much additional damage to my lungs (I experienced severe lung toxicity on the chemo). Email me anytime at diana@nationalcorp.com