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I just wanted to say that is so nice to come here and put something out there and get the honest responses, you all give. Inkblot I could see by looking around the room of 286 people at this conference, everyone looked GREAT. WE all noticed, even the very ill that EVERYONE looked FINE. A line from a exerpt, of a play we saw, the second day of the conference. The play is "WIT" and many of you might of heard of it. It is a play about a woman dying of Ovarian Cancer. I watched this play 9:30 am and it was hard and I thought about the others in the room who were dealing of end of life issues daily. I have to be honest that it was very difficutl to watch and I knew what I was sitting through, but it was like seeing my grandmother die and man I wish I would of remembered stuff the pocket with klenex. One woman I met the night before had a really hard time and all I could do was sit with her and comfort her knowing it was hard for me can't imagine what it would of been like for her. Yet like the play, the doctors always asked, "How are you Feeling?" and her answer was always,"FINE!" That is something that really hits home with me, how many times do you hear that from sick people?
No one wants anyone to think they are being negative or something when in fact we are just being honest.
Thanks again to everyone for posting your feelings here, you have helped me like I am sure you will never know, truly.