possible recurrence

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I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma and had my
upper and middle lobes removed from my right lung las October. A follow-up CT scan a week ago revealed a 2 millimeter nodule in my left lung. My oncologist says it could be a "false
positive" and he recommends another CT scan in 3 months to see if it has grown. Has anyone experienced something similar? Any recommendations of what I might do now?


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    Hi -

    I'm a 15 (almost) small cell lung cancer survivor and facilitate an ACS Dialogue support group in Dallas. A "Wait And See" statement by ongologists/radiologists isn't unusual. I know as a patient it sounds scary to wait, but adenocarcinoma isn't know to be aggressive as small cell cancer. You don't say if you are prsently receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation. If you are, just remember that this will be working forward during that 3 month period.

    In the mean time you may want to check with your local ACS office for a support group in your area.

    Phil Tycz
    Plano, TX