Though we grieve......

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I was just thinking, as I read all the posts about the loss of Rosa, that probably there are new people who drop into this site every day. If you are new here, please realise that the majority of us at this site are fighting fit as a result of intervention into the progress of our breast cancer. Rosa's breast cancer was not diagnosed until it had already metastasised to her liver. She put up the most incredible fight, and at the same time, was a source of inspiration and courage for the rest of us. I have no doubt, also, that we all gained from what the doctors learned as they treated Rosa. Forgive us then, newcomers, as we just let our grief show for our friend Rosa. Much love to all, and especially to Rosa's family, Susan


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    A good posting for the new members, Susan, and I might add that she was originally given at the most 11 months, but she had about 25 months - much of the time she was able to carry on her normal routine.

    By the way also, she switched oncologists almost at the start to one who helped her to get the longest time. Good oncologists do not make a prognosis as to time - they do not know - only know if it is serious.

    I'm adding a WELCOME too to newcomers to this site.

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    You said it all Susan. I ditto that!