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I know our Tiger won't be roaring here any more; but I do know she is now singing with the angels; and knowing her she is probably leading them on a march all around God's heaven.
If we love her and respect her memory - then like Pam says - we must take up her banner and fight the good fight. This is no time for quitting or giving up - Rosa would have a fit if you do that. Where there is life there is hope for more life, but when God says 'enough' then no matter who you are or where you are - you will obey. Praise His holy name that Rosa knew what it took to get to Heaven. "Thank you God for our friend, my life is enriched for having known her!" Amen
May God bless each of you and give you His strength and comfort.
Love and hugs and prayers,


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    T - tenacious
    I - inspirational
    G - gifted
    E - energetic
    R - roaring

    Thanks Tiger for having touched us all. We will continue to fight the way you taught us to. Margaret