Our Loving Tiger

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Here's to you my dear, dear friend.
I love to quote you for you inspired us all. Your messages on this board are what made me stop and stay awhile - I have saved some of the ones you have sent to me personally and will always cherish the last one you sent to support me in the loss of my Mother.
I know you can't read this, but I feel you know we are all right beside you with so much love being sent to your bedside.
My thoughts and prayers are with your family - Dave and the boys; your Mother (I know what she is about to face), and all the rest.
Goodby my friend, you will be dearly missed but never forgotten. I will always hear the "Tiger" roar in my memory and in my heart. I love you sweet Rosa.
With a breaking heart, Brenda


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    I just got a computer in june of last year so I didnt know a lot of all of you but I would talk and post something all the time and here lately I havent been in with sickness in lungs and all but I came in yesterday and seen this about tiger(rosa) i hurry and wrote to you brenda well when I see this makes me more determine to beat this fight for breast cancer i fixing to hit my 7th yr bc free but when we have this disease we all have that pain and suffering and we know what each other is feeling what i talk of rosa -tiger she was always giving others support to fight this bc, i lost another friend last week to this disease as well, in october i'm going to arizona for the bc walk for life i was going for the nolas the dianes the marjories now the rosa and for all of us to beat this disease and for all our sisters who has gone from the end of fighting breast cancer we feel for her family and her friend because when you have bc we are sisters in this disease and one day we all will stand in that circle and put bc in the middle and we going to kick it right out of our bodies and we going to KILL!!!!! BREAST CANCER!!!! INSTEAD OF IT KILLING USSSSSS! SO TO ROSA YOU WERE A INSPIRtion to all of us Rosa look at the replys the letters to you my sister in bc we will miss you but you will be in no more pain no more suffering and you will be looking in the face of jesus and helping him to watch over all of us and your family we all you rosa