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Hello dear friends,
I write with joyful news. My abdominal cat scans came back negative. I feel as though the dark clouds have been blown away and the new day is beautiful. I was fearful as my second blood tests showed higher liver enzymes. It appears there are only fatty changes in my liver, and I need to loose weight (what a shocker to me...lol) Anyway, I am giving God all the praise, because initially I had desired bone scans and CAT scans, but it wasn't recommended because my tumor was not really indicative of these tests (so said the oncologist) but as you know it's nice to have all the information you can about your body...especially if there's a chance of catching the cancer at early stages. Anyway, due to the arm pain (which is still being investigated) and elevated liver enzymes, all the tests I had wanted, were done. So I think of the phrase, "Be careful what you pray for...." It was a rough couple of months..between waiting and the looks on the doctors faces when they reported higher enzymes than a few weeks earlier...Now I am glad to know something more definitive. And please know that although I have not posted personally, I have been reading and praying for you, as I will continue to do. I know that God is faithful and He will not allow those who know Him to walk alone. I am grateful for all who have kept in touch. You are blessings to me. I will let you know how things progress.
Love, Jayne


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    Hi Jayne,

    It was so good to hear from you and Praise God for the good report. I have been praying for you and will continue to do so, concerning the arm pain. I sure hope they figure out soon what is causing it.

    I'm glad you kept on the doctors to get your CT Scan. What a relief when we finally get heard.

    God Bless,
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    These are wonderful news, Jayne ! I am so happy for you !

    There is a book that I really liked (and followed, would you believe it !) concerning changes in diet. It is called "A week in the Zone", by Dr... Sears, I believe. I lost about 2 lbs per month, and haven't gained back the weight. I did end up changing a bit his recommendations, though : I need rice in my diet on top of what he suggests, or I become too tired !

    Good luck anyway, we all know it's no fun ! The main thing is you are fine, and if it takes a little adjustment to remain that way, I guess this last big scare is the biggest motivation !

    With big, big hugs,