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Im getting a bit concerned about some of the things happening to me lately. Ive lost some movement in my left eye again and am having some pretty nasty headaches and vomiting. Im still able to go to work but my energy level is way down my neck and shoulder ache till I have tears sometimes. The doc said there is a chance of reoccurance. He did a bone scan a while back and told me it was fine ..then Last week when i met with him he said he noticed some HOT spots....what exactly does that mean? Im having an MRI and a CT done on the 8th to make sure the cartiledge and muscle dont have any sign of cancer. If you remember the type of cancer i had was brain cancer, however, it was a chrondrosarcoma which is a bone and cartilidge cancer pretty much holding my breath till after the 8th. The doc told me that the pain could be caused from the proton radiation I had to the head and neck. It could have damaged the spinal cord. Have any of you had pain in the location of the radiation like muscle tightness or swelling ...accumulation of fluid under the site? Im just pulling at straws for a comparrison i know. But it still helps me to talk about it on here.
Thanks for listening.



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    Hi MrsBe. Sorry you're having problems again. I'll be praying for you! Please take everyday at a time. Don't get yourself too worked up until you have all the facts.Keep us informed! HUGS!! Cathy
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    So sorry to hear you are having problems. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please take it one day at a time.I know it is so diffcult to wait on those results. Please keep us posted and remember we are all here for you.
    God Bless
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    Hi Mrsbe,
    From my experience pain can often be in one place but is really deferred from totally another. It is amazing to me what the body can do to protect itself knowing from past experiences what to do.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and you know where to find me.
    thinking of you,
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    I had radiation after lumpectomy and chemo and yes ... I have pains and aches in the radiated breast. My tissue shrunk but many people have the opposite ... swelling. It sounds like your doctor is very good and right on top of everything. Sorry you feel so bad ... I had some really bad weeks and kept working ... everyone was so amazed ... so .... be amazed at yourself!!! You are doing great!!! Jamie