One Down, One to Go

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Well, I just wanted to let you all know that I had the ultrasound on my right breast this morning. Not many surprises looks like the "cyst" that I had in my left breast last year......just smaller. I have the mammogram of the breast tomorrow and then it will be at least Friday before I know where we go from there. Hurry up and wait!!! :-( :-(

On a lighter friend **** had his surgery on Monday. He is doing great and will get out of the hospital today or tomorrow. His wife, Shirley, seems to be doing better, too. I have heard from their one daughter and she says that Shirley is doing good. She is eating better, etc. (Either that or she is leading me to believe through her e-mails that she isn't doing good.) At any rate.....the news from Seattle seems to be better than first anticipated. Hopefully, all is downhill from here for them.

Thank you to you all for your responses and for the prayers. I know that my true strength comes from God. I just need to have you all around to remind me of that!!! Hopefully, I will be able to make the days go by quickly until I hear from the doctor. Again, thanks for your support and encouragement. It means so-o-o-o-o-o much to me.....more than you will ever know.

Must go and get ready to pick up a child from school......and so the rat race continues!!! :-) I will write more later when I know something else. Until then.....

Love, hugs, and blessing.......Wendy


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    I will keep you in my prayers. Glad to hear that your freinds are doing better. Let us know how you make out.God Bless Debbie
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    I have been keeping Shirley and her husband, **** in my prayers. So glad they are doing better. Now, it is your turn. I am praying all will go well with your mammogram. Keep the faith.

    God Bless,