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When I found the lump on my breast, my doctor sent me for a mammogram before a ultrasound and biopsy. My mammogram results found a mass but the results stated it was nothing and I should make sure I had a yearly mammogram. After the ultrasound (which, again, the results were sent to me as something shows but come back in a year)and a biopsy (aggressive doctor)it was found that I had Infiltrating ductal carcinoma. I have been in remission for 1 and 1/2 years. Since then, I have known 5 other women (under 40) that have also had spots on their mammograms that have been shrugged off that have turn out to be cancer. The only way the cancer would have been diagnosed was because of the doctors extra tests. The mammogram results have all come back as nothing to worry about, come back in a year. I am so concerned about all the women that do not have the aggressive doctors that will persue in spite of the radiologist's readings. Have many of you had the same experience?


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    Thank the Lord that you had an aggressive Dr .I had two differnet types of cancer one being infiltrating ductal carcinoma and the other was DCIS. I had three operations in three weeks and I believe the Lord led me to my Drs.I had my anniversary for one year on Nov 15 2oo1 that was my last chemo.When I had my mamo they were not sure what they saw then the radiologist that did the ultra sound said that there is a shadow and they did another mamo and then finally decided I should have a biopsy done. I am glad the radiologist that did my ultra sound knew what he was doing. We know our own bodies better than they do so sometimes we have to be persistent.Cogratulations on a year and a half in remission. Take Care and be good to yourself.
    God Bless
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    I think some of us have found doctors aren't aggressive because we either are not sick and sore or look healthy to them. I was 36 and well built athletic woman who showed no signs of being ill. I speak out constantly to remind women they have to be own best advocates. If my doctor had biopsied my lump I too could of had that early detection instead of cancer spreading. That is what is so frightening even after all BC doctors still think we are anxious or depressed not necessarily sick.
    Everyone must speak out and tell their stories so others might hear.
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    In Nov 1999 I went to doctor with extreme pain in left breast. Mammo report said all was ok. Doc wanted me to take ibuprofen till after Christmas. I went to another doctor 12/28 and he sent me right over to hospital for needle biopsy. It worried him so he called my surgeon and requested open biopsy. It took 2 weeks for him to connect with her and on Jan 13 I had the second biopsy. It was infiltrating lobular, stage 3. My right side was bothering me this fall. My surgeon wants me to wait as the mamo says all is well. It worries me a bit to wait. I think I just want it taken off now before trouble builds. What do you think ladies?
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    Oh, yeah, count me among'em. My husband and I even ASKED the surgeon for a biopsy and he said, "I am 95% certain it is not cancer", we should have walked out the door and gone to another doc. SOOOOO, two years later, I had bc, what is amazing, in the same spot! What a coincidence! Stupid, stupid, but I guess we wanted to hear the "good" news. But that is just lousy medicine, especially when the patient wants a biopsy. Best, Shirlann
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    I count myself among the very lucky. My mammogram showed a few spots that the Dr. wanted to check out. (90% sure its nothing) Even though the needle biopsy was inconclusive, he recommended a lumpectomy. The lumpectomy turned out to be both DCIS and LCIS. I was 37 years old at the time of my diagnosis last Sept. If I had not had such aggressive diagnosis and treatment or waited until my 40th Birthday for my baseline mammogram, there is no telling how different my life would be. What is shocking to me, is the number of women who are diagnosed under the age of 40! I am also concerned about the negative press about the effectiveness of mammograms!! Without a mammogram, I would not have been diagnosed!! I was uninformed about breast cancer prior to my diagnosis, all I can do now is try to let woman my age know, it can happen to you - get your mammograms before age 40 and fight for treatment!!!
    god bless all of you!