MS and Breast Cancer

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Hello everyone, I'm very new at all of this. I have had MS for about 20 years and have been taking Betaseron shots every other day for about 2 years. Stress is a biggy for me for a flare-up of MS.
Just this month I was diagnosed with breast cancer -- so am still in the test,test,test areas. At this point the dr. is suggesting a lumpectomy and radiation therapy. I am just wanting to know if anyone else with MS has done the radiation treatments and how they affected you.
Guess stress can't be too bad for me, I survived 30 years of teaching!! And I still have some humor left even after this last diagnosis!! Steeg from Burns


  • isaiah4031
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    I don't have MS, but I did have a lumpectomy and the radiation. It was not as tramatic as I had been expecting. Just time consuming because it was everyday for five weeks and each visit was only about fifeen minutes. I am a teacher also. I wish you the best. Keep us posted.
    Love, Jayne
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    Hi, I don't have MS, but just completed lumpectomy and radiation and am 3 years post and doing just fine. I was very lucky, all I got from the radiation was a real dark single tan breast. I continued to work thru all and left on a whale-watching trip to Baja 5 days after completing treatment. Don't take any vitamins during treatment as they fight free radicals and inhibit the radiation from killing the cancer cells that might be left. Also, if you have done so, buy Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book and you will be so glad, user friendly and easily understood answers to many questions. Best of luck and you are on the right track. God bless, Shirlann