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Hi everyone just wanted to let you know that I had my pet scan and colonoscopy and endoscopy done ,and all the results are back and everything was good. I thank the Lord for his mercy and grace once again. He has been so good to me.He is still answering prayers AMEN!! I thank all of you who have been there for me and praying for me.All done for another 6 months Praise the Lord.
God Bless


  • debw
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    That's great! Way to go. Debw
  • shirlann
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    Hi, Debbie, what wonderful news! Go out and celebrate. Funny to get your life back in 6 month increments. But, there are lots of us sisters out there, and we know it! Love you and God bless! Shirlann
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    I am so happy for you Debbie.
    It must be such a relief to have this all behind you now. You enjoy yourself and get back to living.
    Be good to yourself,