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hi ladies-while i've never written, i have learned so much from all of you-what a strong, supportive group you are. i was diagnosed w/stage 2 bc & had masectomy & node dissect-1 out of 8 positive. had 4 treatments act and 4 taxol-last one 10/2.
my onc. wants me to have radiation, and while i know it is a breeze compared to chemo, i am reluctant. i feel great & just want the whole ordeal behind me(don't we all). would love to hear from anyone who has /has not gone thru radiation & how they reacted. thanks for listening and hang in there. dottie


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    Hi Dottie,
    I had a mastectomy and lymphnodes removed and the same type of chemo as you have had.In the beginning the Drs. said I would have to have radiation then after chemo they discussed it and decided I did not have to have it,which I believe was an answer to prayer. By all means I think you should listen to what your DR. tells you ,everyone is different. I know you want to put it behind you as we all do but take care of yourself. Keep us posted. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    God Bless
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    Hi Dottie,
    I think once one starts this path to reaching for recovery it is all a little too much to take it all in.
    One of the things I had to ask myself before embarking on the treatment path is what exactly was it we were trying to accomplish. LIFE so there for I for myself decided to resign myself to it all and do the best that we could do to prolong my life as long as possible. Radiation just increases the chances for longevity as has everything you have done thus far.
    Read information available and see what your risk factors are and go from there. I was stage 3 with 11 out of 21 and one that was tumored lymphnode.
    Since you have read the postings I have had a pile problems over my survival years, going through some now and still think I did the right thing, not many true alternatives out there when your on deaths door.
    Good luck to dottoe we are all here cheering you on. First and for most, take care of yourself,
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    Hi, Dottie!

    I understand your reluctance to have yet more treatment. I was where you are after I finished my first 4 chemo treatments. I was fortunate enough to have my 6 weeks of radiation "sandwiched" in between the two different phases of chemo. I believe that the need for radiation is to insure that there aren't any cancer cells lurking in the surgery site. It really isn't so bad. You shouldn't lose any hair....in fact, it should be growing back in nicely while you do the radiation. It really takes very little time each day and will be over before you know it. My feelings were to do anything and everything that I could to give myself the best opportunity of having it all gone. Although there are really no solid guarantees in this department.
    Hope this helped. If you would like to discuss this any further, please feel free to e-mail me anytime. God bless!!
    Hugs and prayers.....Wendy
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    Hi, Dottie, radiation is NOTHING compared to chemo. I didn't even have any skin problems. That depend a lot on your skin type, red head, etc. having the most trouble. I just got a real good tan on that breast and it faded in about a year. I worked every day until 3pm, went for my treatment and then home and felt tired. REally, I am 66 and 3 years post and am still working. Since you have done the hardest thing, be sure to finish what your doctors recommend, just so you KNOW you have done all you can do to stop this thing. You will be surprised at how nothing radiation is. Trust me! Love you, and e-mail me if you have any questions? Love, Shirlann
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    Hi there.
    My name is Pam. I had BC diagnosed in 1981 & had a radical mastectomy then with no positive nodes found. Routine chemo & radiation was not offerd for negative nodes then so I had no further treatment. Not even Tamoxifen as they said I was clear. I had routine bone scans for 5 years & still nothing so was told to forget about BC & get on with my life. Which I did. But it returned as stage 4 mets in 2000 so for goodness sake go through with all the treatments they want to give you. I too felt great & was glad I thought I needed no more treatments. We all get fed up with it all with our lives revolving around hospitals & tests & appointments. But you never know where those stray cells are settling & just a few are mostly undetectable but they are there waiting for the chance to set up a blood supply & grow. Surely a few more appointments now is better than the struggle I am now in just to survive. I have had so much radiation to shrink tumours & give me pain releif that I am sure you can go through with the programme they are offering. Believe me the chemo you have to have when you are stage 4 is much more than you have had to have. They take a 3 pronged approach now to ensure they get all the stray cells & the radiation is the 3rd stage to be sure. Please do not pass up this chance to ensure a long & healthy life for just a few months inconvenience.

    I am praying for you. Love & hugs
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    I must be the only breast cancer survivor on earth that had a horrible experience with radiation. Don't get me wrong, chemo was tough but radiation was not a breeze. I finished six weeks of radiation in July of 2001 and my breast is still swollen and burned. I have had more complications from radiation than I ever had with chemo. The only advise I can offer is go into it with your eyes wide open, read all you can and talk with people who have had it done at the facility that you are going to be treated at. It is not a breeze for everybody. Good luck and god bless.