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This is a note to let you all know that I have been down lately and hopin for some way to ease the pain in my belly. It has been 3 months now since I last worked and I have only gotten worse with time.
I have reached the height of frustration as the doctors continued to push the irratable bowl thing even though I know deep inside, that isn't it. I have known for sometime that I am not well but all I hear is everyone assuring me it isn't cancer. When all I want to know is what it is and how to ease the pain.
Well finally another visit, another 5 lbs down the drain and now bleeding from the bowl. Once again I have to get worse many times before I am taken seriously. I finally get the scope I should of had at the beginning. But oh now once again I fit no criteria just like the cancer.
I feel like such a **** to continue to moan about how ill I am and how much pain I am visit after visit. Now I have been heard.
I probably have colitis but that won't even be confirmed and treatment started for another couple months.
I am sitting here having a couple Tylinol finally for the pain and yes a drink to toast the onset of another disease, not that I don't have enough of them. Yes I am feeling a little sorry for me. But let this be a lesson to us all to continue to listen to the body and all it throws at us.
If it lasts more than a month keep on them and if you get sicker make them hear you.
thanks for listening,
Tara 24242


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    I agree. I developed diverticulitus after the chemo. I kept mentioning pain on the lower left side. The oncologist knew it wasn't cancer so he wasn't interested. The family doctor was blinded the the big C issue and even through she said it was diverticulitis she didn't treat it. Finally I switched doctors to an internest (sp) and he sent me to a gut doc and I had a scope. Eventually it got settled and I can manage it now. Find a doctor that will work with you. Take care - Debw
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    I understand a need to vent and the frustration with doctors. I realize it's hard to buck the medical system, especially when you have little energy but it's the best thing to do for yourself. I'm 26 and have colon cancer so I really don't fit a typical diagnosis, but they found after some proding. Take care of yourself and if you ever need to **** again, don't hesitate to contact me.

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    Hey there Tara,
    Ok, we will allow you to have a day or 2 for a little self pity ....here / lean on me for awhile. However, thats all you get girl, if we always set forth to fight our fights like this we would have ALL been gone long ago. So breath deep..look around take it all in and know that you have lots of friends out here that are just a click away. Keep your mind open and pay attention to the changes in your body and keep informing the doctor. Its gonna be ok hun. You know I love ya. So..sit up straight put those fighting fists up and lets see what youve got!!!

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    I am sorry to hear that you are still not feeling well.My thoughts and prayers are with you.We do know our own bodies and we usually know when we have a problem,hang in there and make them listen to you.Don't give up and my prayer is that you will find peace and comfort and that this will be a better year for you.
    God Bless
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    Hi, Tara, Dear girl, sounds like a mess. Don't give up though, if you have it available I would go have a body scan. They are all over the states now and cost a bit, but tell a whole lot with little or no discomfort. ALso, you are likely to have colitis if you have been stressing over all the rest! Perfectly understandable. BUT, when you feel better and get time in hand you will not have to deal with colitis forever, when the stress of the "other" gets better it could easily go away. Bless your heart, sometimes it is so much to take. Good news is, they can usually find cancer recurrence easily, so it looks like you have something else, also good news, it is not fatal, just miserable, like a cold. Hang on, honey we are all praying for you! Shirlann P.S. If you are not on any vitamins, get on "C", "E", and a big fat "B" complex. You will feel better!